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In the second phase of the second plane of development, we focus on the 9-12 year old child. This phase covers the 4th, 5th and 6th grades. The 9-12 year old child is still in the happy plane of childhood, but has developed a little more refinement in terms of movement, social interactions and intellectual enquiry. Where the 6-9 year old is busy and physically curious, the 9-12 year old is capable of more concentrated work and can work for longer periods of time.

During this three year cycle, the content of the 6-9 years is reviewed and reinforced. New concepts are built on the basis set in the 6-9 class. Although these children are still gregarious, they are capable of more personal research and can use this to contribute more meaningfully to group work and projects.

The 9-12 curriculum areas are integrated in that theme topics include research into as many subjects as possible. An exploration into the story of writing for example, leads to opportunities to study language, literature, history and geography.

The introduction of a foreign language is introduced at this level, to add to the richness of the curriculum. It has been recognised over the last few years that many students carry this third language with them into their high school years.

The primary focus of the final year in this phase is to prepare the child for the Middle School, and children at this level prepare for their move by reflecting on where they have come from and doing research into their next years. They present an evening called the ‘Moving Up Experience’ to parents to share their passage to the next phase of their schooling. This prepares not only the child, but the parents and the family as a whole.