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2 – 6 Environment

Our 2-6 favourable environment is ideal for the holistic development of the children of this age group. Our outdoor environment is safe and large enough for independent exploration and play. Nature walks and outdoor play occur regularly, stimulating the children’s interaction with their natural world and nurturing a lifelong respect for our planet.  Our ordered indoor environments which are fully equipped with Montessori equipment cater for the toddler group and pre-school separately.


The toddler environment is specifically prepared to foster freedom of movement, independence and language development. Practical Life activities develop independence and social graces, preparing the toddler to become a member of their broader community in a sociably acceptable and functional way while letting them practice control over their movements. Control over physical movements precedes control over emotions, so loving, nurturing guidance is given while the toddlers practice and develop emotional and social independence. Montessori didactic materials to educate the senses help the child to classify and categorise the concrete impressions they have gained from the world around them.


In the preschool, this education is continued, but more focus is now spent on developing the social and emotional independence as physical independence is now being refined through more advanced Practical Life activities. The Sensorial materials use the child’s innate curiosity and tendency to explore to introduce the building blocks for all further learning. Children are introduced to language, mathematics and the social and natural sciences in a concrete way. This helps them to understand the concepts and absorb knowledge through their movement and their senses. Our qualified teachers are specifically trained to observe children and their developmental progress, recording the successes and challenges of the children to optimally prepare each individual child’s pathway to future learning.